Brant Specific Letter

Dear Reviewers,

I am deeply concerned about the leapfrog development pressure in Brant County. Please create a Blue Belt to protect the Grand River watershed in Brant County.  I agree with the Province’s recommendation to increase the density of towns and cities with full services (water, sewer). This means that Brantford and Brant County will have to review the amount of land that they have designated for future development. The province has even suggested  “de-designating” land slated for development. This would reduce the size of the urban settlement boundaries for Brantford, Paris, St. George, Cainsville, Tutela Heights and Burford.

Please ensure that Brant County follows the smart growth  principles. To reduce sprawl, do not permit it any loopholes (reduced intensification in urban areas, reduced density on land outside urban areas that is slated for development).

The Province placed a moratorium on development on farmland before it created the Ontario Greenbelt. Could the Province not place a moratorium on the Province’s review of the Brantford/Brant boundary agreement until the mapping of the natural heritage, vulnerable water and agricultural systems is completed?

Freeze urban expansion.  Protect Class 1-4 farmland, including farmland along Hwy 403 east of Brantford (just as it is protected along Hwy 403 in the Hamilton Greenbelt). Protect the Grand River watershed, including the Galt-Paris moraine, source water protection zones for the various communities, community wellheads, wetlands, the headwaters of the Grand River in Brant County and the "protected agriculture" ribbon that was created in 1980 around Brantford and Carolinian forest through Brant County.