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Brantford is seeking feedback on a new official plan for the lands that it annexed from Brant County through the expansion of its boundary.

Public Information Centre No. 2
Thursday, November 16, 2017
6:00 - 8:30 pm (presentation at 6:30 pm)
North Park Collegiate & Vocational Institute, 280 North Park Street (at Fairview Drive), Brantford
The meeting on Thursday evening will help determine how much of the boundary lands will be included within the City’s urban settlement area, and whether these lands have houses, factories or remain as working farmland.  The City will discuss it proposed plans for water, sewer and transportation on the lands that were annexed in the Brantford boundary expansion.  

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Read the report about your neighbourhoods. 


Speak up - if you hope to protect these lands from sprawl.  Most of the land annexed was in the "protected agriculture" land surrounding the City and much of it is under Six Nations land claim (especially in the north and north-east). The Tutela Heights area is special to the Tutelo Indians and like the north-east, it is rich in First Nations archeological artifacts and history. 

The Province has told Brantford to be more compact so Brantford may not need the lands that it took with the boundary expansion. That land could continue to be farmed instead of being paved over. The Province is still considering where to grow the greenbelt and targeting areas that are special because of water resources (moraines, headwaters, etc.), and will soon be holding consultations on this.


Additional detail is provided in Staff Report CD2017-107: Consolidated Work Plan for the Official Plan Review and Boundary Expansion Lands. Contact Alan Waterfield below for this report. 

The report can be found at www.brantford.ca/officialplan toward the bottom of the page, under the Related Documents heading. 

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For more information click here and under the title "Public Information Centre No. 2" click on the notice of the Nov. 16 Public Information Centre.