OMB Hearing to Protect Brantford/Brant Green Ribbon

December, 2014:

Sustainable Brant was represented by the Canadian Environmental Law Association and worked with Mark Dorfman, Planner. See the documents here. We are protecting the "protected agriculture" ribbon around Brantford that was created by Provincial law in 1980. 



September, 2015: Victory, Sustainable Brant won at the OMB!


From Cela's latest newsletter:
CELA launches successful appeal to preserve agricultural lands

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has allowed an appeal brought by CELA on behalf of a citizen's group Sustainable Brant, which seeks to preserve agricultural lands and the environment in Brant County. Sustainable Brant had appealed the County's official plan, which had changed the land use designation of some 135 acres of land from agricultural to industrial. The land lies in the "protected agriculture" ribbon in Brant County that encircles Brantford. The County's approval of a zoning by-law change and an industrial subdivision were also overturned by the OMB decision. The thrust of the case brought by CELA and the City of Brantford, which was adopted by the OMB, was that the County had no legal authority to change the agricultural designation of the lands in question under the Planning Act, because the County had failed to reach an agreement with the City on a non-agricultural designation, as required by the Municipal Act.The Board reinstated the original policy designating the lands as agricultural lands until such time as the City of Brantford reached an agreement with the County of Brant that municipal services will be extended for the development.

Sustainable Brant's Board of Directors said that it "was very pleased with the outcome of the case" and expressed its thanks to Mark Dorfman, the planner, who provided expert testimony at the OMB hearing and for CELA's legal representatives who worked on the case: Ramani Nadarajah, Joe Castrilli, and Erica Stahl. The decision was issued on August 6, 2015 and is referenced as Case No(s) PL090536 and PL121070 on the OMB’s website:
Sept. 21, 2015:
Hopewell filed for "leave to appeal" the OMB decision